We strive to be an active player in the transition to a circular economy, where all paper and packaging materials are regenerative and contribute to a closed-loop system.

This is why we focus on contemporary and smart solutions, whether paper or paper-based packaging as well as technologies, that help to reach this aim.

Corrugated Cardboard: Transforming Packaging with Sustainability

The global shift from plastic to paper in packaging is not just a trend. It’s a transformative movement that’s reshaping the industry. Corrugated cardboard is one of the key players when it comes to being a positive solution to the “Green Deal” and circular economy. Contemporary solutions, like the micro-flutes, offer new possibilities: Less material. Less weight. Less space. But same strength

PTG SA/ELGRAF: Committed to Future-Proof Packaging Solutions

At PTG SA/ELGRAF, we are proud to be part of this transition. We’re committed to offering sustainable paper-based solutions that not only meet the demands of the packaging and printing industry but also help safeguard our planet for future generations.



Talking about it is one thing. Acting accordingly and documenting this is the other. That is why both PTG and ELGRAF are certified according to the FSC standard.

We also pay very conscious attention to sustainable and environmentally friendly production and correspondingly certified products from our partners and suppliers.

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